Mesothelioma and Smoking

While cigarette smoking does not directly cause Mesothelioma, smoking can weaken the immune system and support tumor growth.

Cigarettes and Your Immune System

Research shows that people with healthy immune systems are less likely to develop cancer in the first place. Heart disease, lung cancer, COPD, and strokes are also linked to cigarettes. Tobacco use increases the risk of respiratory illnesses (bronchitis, pneumonia) by damaging lung tissue, and destroys antioxidants, which kill free radicals, allowing cancer to form.

Inflammation and Smoking

Smoking can cause chronic inflammation, which irritates and weakens the lining in the lungs, allowing asbestos particles to embed themselves easier. Inflammation can block air from passing through the lungs, affecting your lungs' ability to cleanse themselves, and eventually leading to lung cancer.

Asbestosis and Lung Tissue

Asbestosis is the development of scar tissue in the lungs which eventually restricts your ability to breathe. While the use of tobacco may not cause asbestosis by itself, it can contribute to it by creating conditions that allow repetitive scarring from asbestos particles.

Is There Asbestos in Cigarettes?

It is know that from March 1952 until May 1956, filters in Kent cigarettes contained carcinogenic blue asbestos. Did other brands also have asbestos? Maybe, maybe not, but there are surely other carcinogens in cigarettes.

As you can see, Mesothelioma and smoking are not a good combination!

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